Electrical Cable Shorts


If you are looking for a length of cable then check out the cable shorts list below or send us a enquiry and we can cut it for you. 

To purchase a cable short, send us a enquiry with the size of the cable and the length and we will respond as quickly as possible. 


List of cable shorts that are currently avaible for purchase: (Updated Weekly)


1.0mm TPS Cable


1.5mm TPS Cable 

2 x 8m Lengths - $5.00 ea


2.5mm TPS Cable 

9m Length - $14.00

4 x 10m Length - $15.00 ea

12m Length - $17.00

55m Length - $80.00


4.0mm TPS Cable


6.0mm TPS Cable 

20m Length - $60.00

23m Length - $70.00


2.5mm 4C + E Circular


4mm 4C + E Circular


6mm 4C + E Circular

4m Length - $25.00

10m Length - $72.00


1.5mm Aircon Cable 

14m Length - $20.00